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About MCC

Our Business

At Montana Cattle ConneXion, we are humbled to work alongside great people, and we can appreciate the hard work and dedication that both ranchers and feeders put in to provide a wholesome product to the people of the world. Robbie Cattle Company will continue to serve our customers and work together with them to produce quality beef because we are proud of the product that our industry provides.

During our 25 years in business, we have sold quality cattle from Montana's dedicated ranchers to commercial and small farm cattle feeders of the Midwest during both good markets and bad. Our business is to help the Montana Rancher market his cattle to the Midwest cattle feeder with the goal of providing a product of quality and potential for profitability. To accomplish this, we strive to be on the cutting edge of livestock marketing either through video & internet sales or direct contracting with contacts that are aggressively involved in the betterment of the cattle business.

In a new generation of Production Agriculture, the cattle industry faces more challenges and more opportunities than ever before. The quality revolution has already begun and a new consumer demands more from their beef. MCC wants to meet these challenges head on and help you realize the most value from your operation!

Different markets require different strategies, and we are always working to do the best job possible to reward the Montana Rancher for their hard work and dedication. Feeders can count on us to provide them with cattle for their show pens.

Our team is committed to building long-term relationships with our customers in hopes of a profitable future and a commitment to western traditions, values, and integrity. The lion's share of our business is direct contracting country lots of cattle to farmer feeders of the midwest. MCC can also fulfill orders through local auction barns and hotel cattle at our feedlot as well. Located near Billings, Montana, we are licensed & bonded in Montana and Wyoming. We serve sellers throughout Montana and Northern Wyoming and buyers throughout South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and beyond.

Mission Statement: We strive to market Montana's high-quality cattle with integrity, and share the western way of life.

MCC Specializes in all of these areas and services...

  • Direct Ranch to Feeder Contracting
  • Internet Marketing
  • Online Private Auctions
  • 1,000 Head Feeding Capacity
  • Short-Term Cattle Hotel
  • Long-Term Custom Finishing
  • Custom Processing & Vaccinations
  • Feeder Procurement
  • Breeding Stock Procurement
  • Ranch Horse Procurement
  • Outdoor Arena and Event Barn
  • Stock Handling Clinics
  • Bull and Horse Sales
  • Horsemanship Training
  • Ranch Rodeos & Ranch Ropings
  • Lil' Wrangler Spills & Spurs Youth Rodeos
  • Feedlot & Carcass Performance Data

Our People

It takes a crew to deliver the quality and service we strive for! We have great respect for the people in our industry and our people know and have experienced the challenges we all face together. Feel free to contact any of our people to visit about markets or strategies!

Scott Robbie - President of RCCI. Scott handles sale barn orders and our futures market hedging.


Boe Robbie - Operations. Boe leads our country procurement and feedlot programs.


Mitzi Robbie - Administration. Mitzi is responsible for feedlot billing and Invoices for country cattle.


Ethan Shultz - Feedlot Operator. Ethan is our day to day operator and handles receiving of cattle and commodities.


Jason Swanz - Country Rep. Jason is a third generation rancher in the Judith basin and is a point contact in the area.


Josh Becker - Country Rep. Josh is our newest country rep. Ranches in Whitehall and is a point contact for the valley.