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May 27th - GrassTime Sale

Grass Time! Young Pair & Bull Sale

Welcome to the GrassTime Sale featuring 70 Young, Cow Calf Pairs and Breeding Bulls Guaranteed ready to go to work! If you are new to our ConneXion Platform please check out the Practice Lot Below or the "How it Works" tab above.

Consignment Summary

  • 70 Head of 2-6 YO Cow Calf Pairs with 100% April Born calves on their side. All selling in three Lots. These Northern Wyoming Cattle are moderately built and efficient in their environment. They will work anywhere. Calves are primarily sired by Loyning Angus Bulls, some of the best maternal Bulls in the country. Learn More about the Loyning Angus Program HERE!
    • 24 Head 2s & 3s
    • 25 Head  2 YOs & 20 Head of 3-6 YOs with different owners but running on the same ranch.
  • Lowell Registered Angus Bulls.
    • Cattle run in rough pastures in the summer and have to hustle for grass. They believe in cattle with a perfect top line lots of depth and thickness. See EPD File at right of the screen ---->
    • "Connealy CASH is a bull that we bought from Connealy Angus in Nebraska. CASH sires exceptional calves that are docile with explosive growth and are very clean made." - Eric Lowell
    • "I like these bulls for being growth focused and built for stacking on the pounds. They travel out and gain well."
  • Walking 5 Ranch Simmental Angus Cross Bulls
    • "Here at the Walking 5 Ranch we strive to have a low maintenance, maternal cow herd that still offers performance. We put an emphasis on sound feet and legs, good udder structure, and fertile animals. Our cattle are never fed hard and not pampered. The replacement heifers are developed on pasture and required to forage on their own. The cow herd keeps improving each year and we look to keep making cattle that function in the real world." - Gary Heiken See EPD File at right of the screen ---->
    • "The Simmental cross is one of the great crosses in the cattle industry that delivers Hybrid Vigor across the board: Maternal quality, Growth and length & size of carcass."
  • 21 Mile Ranch Registered Angus
    • Rugged Bulls that ran the gauntlet of tests at Midland Bull Test. Goal of this Program is to deviler sound structure & Performance from Calving to the Rail


  • Build the list based on EPD Performance Goals. Focused on Growth? Birthweight? Ribeye Area/Muscling?
    • Don't get too specific just yet. Make sure you leave your options open in case a good bull can be bought for a good value! Chances are that you aren't the only one who spotted the best one.
      • Judge the real animal based on confirmation.
    • Cross out the poorly built ones, confirm the best built ones.
  • Check structure, form, feet and disposition. If they can't function on your operation then all the performance in the world isn't worth much!
    • Talk with the producer or ask someone else's opinion!


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PDFRunning 5 Sim Angus
PDFLowell Angus Bulls

  Starts 5/23/2020 1:08:04 PM MT
  First Lot Closes 5/29/2020 6:00:00 PM MT (# of Lots: 21)
This Auction Uses Proxy Bidding.
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