ConneXion Stockyard Sales

With our facilities, personnel and relationships, Montana Cattle ConneXion is striving to capture more value for all producers, whether you have 10 head or 1,000!

We feel that medium and large sized producers have several options to market their calf crop, like selling on video sales, working with a Private Order Buyer or the local auction market. They have advantages by selling truckload lots which make them marketable across the country. Smaller producers who produce less than 100 calves do not have the same marketing options. Our goal is to provide more options to ALL Montana ranchers and create competition. 

Montana Cattle ConneXion is different from other livestock marketing companies in Montana and meets the needs of Montana’s Ranchers in a changing industry. ConneXion gives ranchers more options to market cattle a network of qualified cattle buyers across the United States and finally sell via Online Auction. This hybrid sale platform combines the best practices in marketing and uses technology to be a ConneXion between Buyers and Sellers. Using innovations, relationships, expertise and experience, we will continue to work for Montana Cattlemen.

ConneXion Stockyards Sales build on an old idea using new technology to help Sellers. This Sale combines the numbers of multiple producers to make full, marketable load lots! Consign your calves, no matter how many, from 2 head to 200! ConneXion will group cattle by size and kind from multiple producers, sorting the consignments up into truck load lots. These Lots will sell prior to delivery of the cattle to Our Online Network of Buyers! Pooling numbers gives every seller an opportunity to forward contract calves with the marketing power of the big ranches!

By essentially making a calf pool, ConneXion gives you more marketing power and finally connects you with a network of buyers!

Complete this Form to Consign YOUR Cattle!

Here's how it works...

  1. Sellers consign their cattle to Montana Cattle (this form)
  2. After receiving information, ConneXion team will sort cattle into bigger groups to help them sell best.
  3. Cattle will be grouped by delivery location, estimated weight, and by any other means ConneXion deems best to market them to their fullest potential.
  4. An average weight based on all the cattle within a lot will determine a Base Contract Weight. Sellers will be notified of which lots their cattle have been put into. One individual may potentially have cattle that sell in several different lots and therefore will receive more than one base weight and contract. (Further diversifying risk and increasing value!)
  5. Cattle will sell unreserved on ConneXion's October 14th - Online Stockyard Sale! This sale is online only, selling in a Click-to-Bid auction (Just like eBay)
  6. No Physical cattle will be present on sale day. They will sell for a contracted price. All sellers will receive a contract. There will be a price slide to account for calves coming in heavier than the contracted base weight.
  7. On the Specified Delivery Date, Sellers will deliver their cattle to their chosen shipping point. Calves will be unloaded, sorted for size and weighed immediately.
  8. Your price will be slightly adjusted based on your actual receiving weights but unaffected by other producers. (Slide explanation below in the form)
  9. After All the Cattle have arrived, Trucks will load and depart for their destination!
  10. Payments made promptly after delivery!
  • Sales Commission is 2% plus Brand & Health Inspection Fees.
  • Cattle outside Park, Sweet Grass, Carbon, Stillwater, Golden Valley or Yellowstone Counties will require a separate inspection on delivery day.

These load lots will instantly become more marketable and increase selling power that these smaller producers never had before. The loads become more marketable not only to order buyers but also directly to feedlots across the country.


Complete this Form to Consign YOUR Cattle!